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Atlantic Mine, Michigan
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Lord, I have loved the beauty of Thy house, and the dwelling-place of Thy glory. (Psalm 25:8)

Here you can find things that our church has on its wishlist. Donations towards these items can be send via PayPal

or to our mailing address:
SS. Sergius and Herman of Valaam
17745 Erickson Dr.

Atlantic Mine, MI 49905

Please make a note on your check which items you want to donate.
If you want to make a donation in memory of a reposed (Orthodox) Christian please put an additional note in your envelope and we will commemorate that person in general panakhidas and at proskomedie at the altar.

The items on the list are not listed in any particular order.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

New siding for church and rectory

Our Church and rectory is in dire need for new siding. The hard winters left their toll on it. In many places the siding is falling apart and almost down to the ply wood. At the same time of the siding we would like to insulate the building better to get our heating cost especially down.

The approximately cost is something in the 30K range. 

God willing we will have deacon in September. We will need one of those deacon candlesticks.

One can order one here.

In addition to this candlestick we also had to order vestments for our future deacon. The total for 5 sets was about $2.200 which in the big picture is a pretty good deal, but still hurting us financially quite a bit. If you can help we would very much appreciate it.

Wedding crowns
Update August 2015: Graciously donated! God bless!

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