New Flooring - 08/13/14

The project for a new floor in the church started. Watch our progress. 

As a reminder why we want to do this: Our mortgage for the church is almost paid off and God willing we should be ready to have a Great Consecration of the Church in fall 2015. The final altar table will be consecrated during that services and should not be moved anymore. And in general we would like to have the temple of God presented at the consecration at its best as we can.

We still are in need for the final amount. So far we about $6,000 that stil have to be raised. If you are able to donate to this cause please use the Donate button on our home page.

It was a gracious offer of the owner Roman Krayevskyy of "The Flooring Ninja" to start the work, and get paid partially over time. Roman is a parishioner of our cathedral in Chicago and with that set an example how we all work for the Glory of God. But of course we want to pay him for his great and beautiful work as soon as we can. He and his wife have also bills to pay, and the workers that are working for him have to be paid too. So please let us make good on our leap of faith that we took, because we know that everyone loves to see a beautiful church that invites to prayer.


Before - carpet up
preps for extending the ambon
wood arrives
In a typical fashion of a construction project: one change leads to another , leads to another: because we want to extend the ambon the outlet for the air of the furnace has to be rerouted.
first surprise: some subfloor boards were warped by moisture. They had to be exchanged
And new sub flooring as to be installed in those areas
two new outlets were cut at the appropriate places
one construction crew helps the other out with a tool :)
laying down plywood