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Feast Day 2020

Feast Day 2020

Saints Sergius and Herman of Valaam feast day 2020!

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Theophany 2019

Photo credit: Matushka Elizabeth Naasko

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Holy Fire

Holy Fire - 04/29/2017

Right before vigil for the 3rd Sunday of Pascha we received the Holy Fire. Original from Jerusalem brought to New York it made its way via the help of many volunteers to Ann Arbor. Then two parishioners of Ann Arbor were so nice to bring to the Maciknac Bridge where we picked it up in a day trip and brought it safely to the UP.

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Theophany 2016 - 01/19/2016

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Great Consecration Video
Great Consecration

Great Consecration - 09/24/2015

On September 23/24 at the patronal feast day of our temple the rite of the Great Consecration was performed.

Additional pictures can be seen at

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Article in Mining Gazette 8/26/2015
Baptism of Antonia

Baptism of Antonia - 11/01/2014

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Patronal Feast 2014

Patronal Feast 2014 - 09/24/2014

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New Flooring

New Flooring - 08/13/2014

The project for a new floor in the church started. Watch our progress. 

As a reminder why we want to do this: Our mortgage for the church is almost paid off and God willing we should be ready to have a Great Consecration of the Church in fall 2015. The final altar table will be consecrated during that services and should not be moved anymore. And in general we would like to have the temple of God presented at the consecration at its best as we can.

We still are in need for the final amount. So far we about $6,000 that stil have to be raised. If you are able to donate to this cause please use the Donate button on our home page.

It was a gracious offer of the owner Roman Krayevskyy of "The Flooring Ninja" to start the work, and get paid partially over time. Roman is a parishioner of our cathedral in Chicago and with that set an example how we all work for the Glory of God. But of course we want to pay him for his great and beautiful work as soon as we can. He and his wife have also bills to pay, and the workers that are working for him have to be paid too. So please let us make good on our leap of faith that we took, because we know that everyone loves to see a beautiful church that invites to prayer.


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Theophany 2014

Theophany 2014

Blessing of Portage Lake. 

The day before Theophany we cleared the lake by beautiful sun shine. The next day weather changed dramatically and we had to ride it out.

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Nativity 2014

Nativity 2014 - 01/07/2014

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Theophany 2013 - Blessing of Portage Lake

Theophany 2013 - 01/19/2013

On the feast of Theophany the parish of SS Sergius & Herman of Valaam in Houghton, MI blessed Portage Lake after the Divine Liturgy for the feast. Assisting next to the choir and altar servers of the parish Subdeacon Benjamin Bryant was visiting from Holy Transfiguration Mission in Peroria, IL. It was somewhat of a historical event because to our knowledge this was the first blessing of open waters in this area that the parish celebrated at a feast of Theophany. It was gorgeous and blessed and a joyus. Some interested local visitors joined us too, and an article in a finnish newspaper is announced about this event.

Photo credit: Timothy E Bryant

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More pictures of the St. Herman Conference 2012

More pictures of the St. Herman Conference 2012 can be found here.

Sledding in Calument - St. Herman Youth Retreat - December 28, 2012
Questions & Answers with Bishop Peter - December 28, 2012
Love, Infatuation, and Youth - Priest Gleb Grozovskiy - December 27, 2012
St. Alexander Schmorell - Hiermonk Innokenty - December 26, 2012
St. Herman Youth Conference 2012

St. Herman Conference 2012 - 12/26/2012

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Josh & Nicole's Wedding

Josh & Nicole's Wedding - 08/05/2012

On Sunday August 5th 2012 Josh & Nicole were united in Holy Matrimony. The Very Reverend Archpriest Gregory Joyce was officiating the wedding.  
We wish Many Years to Josh & Nicole.

Photo credit goes to CamillaRain Photography

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Unction Service for Alexander

Holy Unction Service for Alexander - 05/12/2012

We celebrated a Holy Unction service for Alexander on Saturday, May 12th.

May the Lord have mercy on his ailing servant Alexander.

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Holy Week and Pascha 2012

Holy Week and Pascha 2012 - 04/15/2012

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Tonsure - 02/03/2012

On Friday 3rd, 2012 Bishop Peter tonsured Fr. Innokenty a riassaphore monk.

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