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Atlantic Mine, MI
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Driving Directions
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Directions From Major Routes

From Houghton, MI

  • Coming in from the south on US 41 into Houghton, stay in the LEFT LANE  through downtown Houghton.
  • STAY in the LEFT LANE, as the road will divide at the approach to the Portage Lift Bridge (the right lane goes on to the bridge and to Hancock and North up the Keweenaw Peninsula).
  • Cross the intersection on to M 26 (you have the right of way), then make a QUICK change to the middle lane (must be done before going around the curve....otherwise, completing the full curve will take you back to Houghton).
  • Stay in that lane, for you will be veering off that curve, and heading West on M 26 (W. Memorial Drive).  Once you are established on M 26, you can change at any time to the outside lane
  • Continue West on M 26 for approximately another 2.7 miles (you will be going through two traffic lights). 
  • After the 2nd traffic light, change lanes on M 26  to the outside/right lane (if you haven't already done so).
  • Stay in that outside/right lane to Atlantic Mine. Please note, that far outside lane turns RIGHT, ONLY, on to Erickson Drive. Follow Erickson Dr for  ~1/2 mile.  The church is on the left at 17745 Erickson Drive. 

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